Quick Link To Constable Rosen' Website

Constable Rosen has recently updated his website to add many helpful links for our users.  On several community meeting, we have encouraged residents to maintain an inventory of their valuable items in case of theft or residential burglaries.  If you visit the website below, we have created a property inventory sheet for users hoping it will help in creating a personal inventory that is readily available in the case of emergency.  This information is extremely important in recovering stolen property, especially any item containing serial numbers that can be traced.  Because we don’t anticipate being a victim of a crime, many homeowners do not take time to record pertinent information that will be needed for entering property into a report.  Hopefully, this document will make it a little easier to record your property.  Jewelry should be photographed and extra copies be available for investigators so local pawn shops can be checked for incoming items.  It is work but it is necessary if property for reporting purposes and if your property is ever going to be identified and recovered. 


Once you click on the link, it takes a few seconds for it to open. 



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