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Community Appearence

Neighborhood appearance of public areas within the BPHA boundaries is an active function of the homeowners association. Volunteer residents working as part of the Neighborhood Appearance Committee strive to improve BPHA esplanades and other public areas within our neighborhood as well as to coordinate their maintenance for a neat, attractive appearance.

Our service provider maintains our esplanades 38 times per year which includes mowing, edging, blowing, trimming all the flower beds and picking up trash. They also mow and edge Poor Farm Ditch throughout our neighborhood and a small section of Kilmarnock Ditch 14 times a year. Also provided are seasonal color changeouts 3 times per year on various esplanades and trimming of all the trees once a year. All of the irrigation is checked twice a year and repairs are made as needed.


Now to the fun facts... Did you know that there are 4.5 miles and 50 individual esplanades in our neighborhood that need attention. Our irrigation system consists of a large network of pipes, valves and sprinkler heads and 36 individual back flow preventers that keeps all of our esplanades irrigated.


All in all this is a huge undertaking by our provider and the commitment from our due paying members and sustainers make it all happen. You can definitely tell the difference when you are in Braeswood Place.

City of Houston 311 Requests

See a home in the neighborhood with overgrown weeds, trash in the yard or other safety hazards? You can fill out a 311 request for the City to help make changes right on their website. 

In addition to handling requests for information, the 311 Agents also process requests for specific city services like pothole repair or a traffic signal malfunction by creating a Service Request in 311's Service Management system. Each Service Request can be tracked from start to finish. More than 300 specific Service Request types have been defined and scripted within the system. Each Service Request is forwarded to the appropriate department and a deadline date is assigned for investigation and resolution. If the same individual or someone else subsequently reports the same problem, the 311 Service Management system alerts it is a duplicate request. Up-to-the-minute Service Request status(es) are available to citizens who call back to request an update on the progress of their concern(s). This increases accountability for city departments and their personnel. The system generates numerous reports by department, by division within a department, by Service request type, participants, council districts, zip codes, Key Map locations, and other geographic areas. Regular reports identify any service requests that have not been resolved within the pre-determined timeline. This provides greater opportunity for management supervision of personnel and assessment of the impact of deployed resources.

Click here to fill out a request

Curb Numbers

The BPHA has contracted with Troy Holcomb of Addressed in Stone to re-paint curb numbers in Braeswood Place. The numbers will be prominently displayed in the center of your lot on a white background with reflective beads for better visibility at night. For neighbors who purchase the service, it will be scheduled in groups by area of the neighborhood and an email will be sent prior to installation with the planned date of service.


Curb numbers are $45. Payment can be made by check, Zelle, or credit card below.

Yard of the Month

The Braeswood Place Yard of the Month award program shows appreciation and recognition for those homeowners who demonstrate superior effort in maintaining their property, and who, as a result, positively contribute to the overall appearance of Braeswood Place. Each monthly winner will receive special recognition in the Sentinel Newsletter and the honor of displaying the official “Braeswood Place Yard of the Month” lawn-sign in their yard that identifies their property as the Yard of the Month winner.


For more information or to submit a home, email Jackie Addington

June 2024 Yard of the Month Winner

The yard featured for June is this beautifully manicured garden at 3723 Gramercy, home of John Johnson and Mark Miller. A large maple tree surrounded by sculpted yaupon shrubs creates an umbrella-like shade for the entire garden. Three rows of hedges of boxwood, loropetalum and anchored by ligustrum and holly trees bring you to the home’s entrance. Also providing a warm welcome are a lovely bench, red begonia and caladium clusters, and a striking sidewalk that echoes the pattern on the house front. A drive by is a "must" for this one!

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Home & Garden Club

The Braeswood Place Home and Garden Club’s mission is to promote interest in beautification and to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening amongst amateurs. We are also very involved in philanthropic projects, encourage civic planting and help in aiding the protection of native trees, plants and birds. We offer a wide range of monthly programs on the 3rd Monday of each month. Contact Cathy Duke with any questions about the Club

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