Constable Patrol Program

It is a service that provides security to our neighborhood, supplementing the security of the Houston Police Department. It accomplishes this by means of a contract with the Harris County Commissioners Court for the services of five deputy constables at a current annual cost of approximately $395,000.00. This money covers 80% of their salaries and affords us 80% of their time. This supplemental security program is sponsored by and administered through the volunteer efforts of the Braeswood Place Homeowners Association.


The members of this homeowners association have long felt a need for supplemental security. In our early days as the Southwest Civic Club, we contracted with private security agencies. In 1986, due to rising costs of private security services and the decreasing effectiveness of a non-police officer, BPHA contracted with the only precinct offering a contract deputy program - Precinct 5. Through the tremendous effort of approximately fifty volunteers making personal contact with 2300 homeowners and home renters, the minimum number of 900 participants needed to make the program financially viable was obtained. The program began on September 1, 1986. It continued for 6 years with Precinct 5. The Constable Patrol proved itself able to provide the desired security services to the overall satisfaction of its participants. Then on May 19, 1992, the Harris County Commissioners Court approved Precinct I Constable Jack Abercia's and Precinct 7 Constable A.B. Chamber's request to begin providing the contract deputy program for their constituents within their respective precincts. Commissioners Court further stipulated that all existing contracts between Precinct 5 and those groups located within the Constable boundaries of Precincts I and 7 be terminated on August 31, 1992. After investigating many security options, the members of the BPHA Board voted to contract with Precinct I deputies to patrol our neighborhood. Constable Rosen has continued the strong security program begun in 1986.


The Program offers members direct phone contact with Precinct 1 dispatch for quick response time to calls for help or reports of suspicious activities. Membership also allows the privilege of Vacation Watch Service and Special Watches for unusual circumstances, as well as Home Security Inspections. The neighborhood receives highly visible, round the clock street patrolling and quick response time to calls for help from highly trained deputies. Our program of five deputies affords us a deputy on patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week, barring sick time and vacation time.


For those residents living in the BPHA area, the fee is $305 whenever they join during the contract year (July 1 to June 30). For those who move here after the contract year begins, the fee will be prorated according to time in the area. Senior members (those older than 65 years) may pay in installments - please contact the office for details.


All homeowners and home renters who reside in the BPHA area are eligible to participate in the Constable Program.


Members of the Constable Patrol Program receive privileges of Vacation Watch Services, Special Watches, Home Security Inspections, and direct access to Precinct 1 Dispatch. The entire neighborhood benefits from the street patrolling which serves to raise the level of security in our neighborhood. All services provided by the Constable Patrol - street patrolling, Special Watches, Vacation Watches, personal help, home security inspections, etc., are paid for by the people who pay $305 and become a member. Consequently, only members can call upon the deputies for services other than the street patrolling. The Harris County Commissioners Court sends the Constable Patrol a bill each month without fail. If this bill is not paid, the deputies services are discontinued.

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